Oahu | Hawaii | A day-after photo shoot

A day-after photoshoot is when you and your new spouse get together with a photographer for one more couple's shoot after the wedding. It's a chance to get a few low-key shots in once the stress of wedding planning is entirely out of the way. It doesn't necessarily need to be the day after the wedding. Some couples wait until their 1-year anniversary. My couple got married in Italy in July and they were starting their life together in Oahu. That was their reason to take some photos and rock this stunning wedding dress again!

We had to climb some rocks to get to this spot, that's why the first outfit was casual.

At the end of the photoshoot, we put on the dress on for a few pictures! When they were getting married in Italy, bride's suitcase got lost and she didn't get a chance to wear her veil on their wedding day. That's why she really wanted to get the veil shots later.

Every time when I get to a beautiful place I always wish I could have a beautiful couple with me so I could take a few pictures of them there. I enjoy taking pictures of others more than of myself even though I have so many pictures of myself on my personal page. This time I finally asked a couple to pose for me! We decided to hike #lulumahufalls falls in Oahu. We heard that it's a popular hike but we didn't know that it's closed and it's illegal to go there. When we got to the spot we couldn't find how to get to the waterfall. There we met two couples and together we got to the final destination. I asked one of these couples to pose for me. I wish we could have more time together but it was my first time approaching someone I don't know so I didn't want to turn it in to a real photo shoot. Love the result! Now I'm hoping to meet a cute couple in Maui by one of the waterfalls and take more pictures . What would you think if a complete stranger told you that she is a wedding photographer and you look beautiful and she wants to take pictures of you? 😁

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